Low Voltage Wiring Add-On

If you're building a new home, low voltage wiring is the way to go for very responsive and reliable home automation.  By running low voltage wiring from your lights and sensors to a central source, you can monitor and control your low voltage wiring from Home Domination by using a digital I/O board.  All the various controllers supported by Home Domination can be used concurrently, so you can even use X10 signals to control your low voltage outputs or use low voltage inputs to control your X10 devices!

Low voltage wiring can be done in a number of ways, however one configuration is to run the high voltage wiring directly to the light, and have a 24 volt relay which turns the light on and off.  Low voltage wiring is run to a momentary switch which controls the relay.  A separate low voltage wire can be run to a central location in the house so it can be controlled with a computer.  Motion sensors can also be installed and wired to a central location.  Using Home Domination and a digital I/O device, you can log activity and create macros that can automatically do switching.  The macros can use a combination of time and sensor triggers, so you can have the macro only take affect at certain times if desired.

The IO board support is an add-on module that is enabled with an authorization code. Any version of the product will let you evaluate it for 30 days once you add an IO switch or sensor. After that time, you will only be allowed to create X10 sensors or switches.

You can plug this device into any available USB port and use it to control your low voltage wiring.  It controls up to 16 inputs or outputs, and you can add as many units as you have ports available, or use a USB hub for even more.  This is supported for Windows 2000 operating systems and beyond (Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, ...)

  • Other Digital I/O Devices

Home Domination is capable of communicating to any digital I/O board that is controlled by sending data directly the computer's internal I/O ports.  A driver must first be installed (not done by the normal install), and the driver must be configured for the proper base address, therefore, you will need to email if you're interested in using one of these digital I/O boards.  This driver is currently only available for Windows 2000.  When emailing, please indicate the specific brand and model of the digital I/O board being used.  There's no guarantee that your particular board will be supported, however we may consider adding support for it.

Home Domination has been tested with the ADLINK ACL-7122 144-CH Programmable Digital IO Board.  This is an older card an may no longer be available.  Check out http://www.adlinktech.com and search for "Digital I/O Card" to see their current list of controller boards from ADLINK.  There may be plenty of other manufacturers other than ADLINK for this type of board. 

If you would like other I/O devices to be supported, please email.